Trainer Peter Moody has already made plans to put Black Caviar in light work next month in preparation for a possible autumn campaign.

Black Caviar

Black Caviar will have a month of light work in September before a decision is made on her future. Photo by: Taron Clarke

The seven-year-old mare last competed in the Diamond Jubilee Stakes at Royal Ascot in England, where she claimed a tough win.

After sustaining a muscle injury in the race, Moody was almost certain the mare had run her final race start.

However, her progress since going into quarantine in early July has sparked the trainer to consider giving her a farewell campaign in 2013.

With the breeding season set to begin at the end of September, Moody will have time to test her spirits and ability at his stables before making a final decision on her racing future.

Should she fail to show her best work, Moody will not hesitate to send the unbeaten superstar to stud this breeding season.

“I will probably give her a month’s work in September, a little bit of trot and canter, probably a little bit of water walker and I just want to see what her attitude is like, just her general demeanour and attitude toward it and to see if she still wants to be there,” Moody said today.

“I will then pass that onto the owners. Late September is the cut off point for the breeding season, but I will just get a general guide to her attitude and if she still wants to be around the place.

“I reckon that will tell me more than anything relating to either injuries or anything.

“Her attitude will tell me if she still wants to be there and that is what I will go to the owners with.”

Thus far, Black Caviar has won all 22 of her race starts and has earned more than $6 million in prize money.

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