Goulburn Racecourse is situated in the famous town of Goulburn on the route between Sydney and Canberra. It’s approximately two hours by car from the suburbs of Sydney on the Hume Highway, just before the Federal Highway merge.

Like many country circuits in New South Wales Goulburn Racecourse is stooped in tradition with a long history stretching back over 100 years.

Unlike many others though the roots of racing in Goulburn were actually laid closer to 200 years ago.

Records show that as far back as 1838 challenges races were held in the area around the Gordon Hotel.

The first recorded Goulburn Cup was run in 1883 and that years trophy can still be found at the race club today.

That race club is the Goulburn & District Racing Club which was founded in 1969.

Goulburn Racecourse was first opened on October 12 1949 with the legendary pairing of Tommy Smith and George Moore combining to win the first ever event with a horse called Tyrant.

The major race every year is the Goulburn Cup which is held in November.

It forms part of a two day Goulburn Racing Carnival which also includes the Anniversary Cup.

With its prime location between Canberra and Sydney Goulburn is the perfect location for trainers to try and work their horses up through the grades.

Many a good horse has come through Goulburn Racecourse with the promise of plenty more to come.