Waterhouse Cries Foul Over $200

Stewards in Sydney have walked away from an adjudicatory role in  a dispute between Robbie Waterhouse and the TAB, stemming from Randwick last Wednesday.

Waterhouse originally made the complaint after one of his staff placed a fixed price bet on Valhussle, which eventually won the race.

It’s Waterhouse’s claim that his clerk was quoted odds of $5.00 to which he agreed and placed a $1000 bet.

On his ticket however, he was given the shorter odds of $4.80.

At the time the TOTE operator gave the option to cancel the ticket, however this was refused, instead deciding to lunch a complaint after the horse eventually did win the race.

Stewards made it clear from the outset that jurisdictional issues could prove to be a problem  and that they would initially need to decide if they had the power to make a ruling before deciding on any ruling itself.

After discussing at length the jurisdictional legislation which applies to both their department and the matter at hand, stewards have found that in accordance to their rules the word ‘Bet’ does not extend to money wagered with the on course TOTE.

They’ve determined that the dispute is an issue between a punter and the totalisator and that Racing NSW was not compelled to be the ruling authority in the matter under the rules of racing.

There’s no word yet on any further action that may be taken by Robbie Waterhouse over the disagreement.

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