Seriously Ill Dolendo Saved By Sister

Horse racing was the furthest thing from Marlon Dolendo’s mind at the end of last year when the former New South Wales based rider faced the very real possibility of dying.

He suffered virtual kidney failure in December of last year and they had an operational capacity of around 10 percent.

Dolendo’s only hope of long term survival was a kidney transplant and the news today is that he’s found a donor very close to home.

His sister has stepped forward in an incredibly selfless act and given Dolendo a new chance at life.

“I saw the doctors last week in Sydney and they told me everything was okay for the transplant to go ahead in August,” Dolendo said.

“My kidneys were only working at 10 percent. The doctor told me I could have died at any time.”

Ever since December Dolendo has had to undergo constant kidney dialysis treatment while they waited to hear on whether or not the transplant was possible.

“Every second day I go to the hospital and sit there for five hours. It’s pretty hard,” Dolendo said.

Amazingly doctor’s say that providing the operation goes ahead as planned there is every chance that Dolendo will return back to a life exactly the same as he had before.

That means that Dolendo could well make a return to riding providing doctor’s are happy with his progress.

“They reckon there will be no problem going back to riding as long as there are no issues after the operation,” Dolendo said.

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