Schofield Back From Injury This Saturday

Glyn Schofield has resumed track work after being out of action for a month after a nasty fall on Hawk Island in the Sydney Cup.

He broke his collarbone on impact with the turf but is pretty much 100 percent again and on track for his first set of rides this weekend.

A driving force for Schofield to get back in the saddle as soon as possible was watching his son Chad ride a big winner during the Wagga carnival.

“With Chad winning the Town Plate at Wagga and back it up a couple of days later with his first win at Randwick was fantastic,” he said.

Schofield himself will be back in action this weekend but we won’t be around for long, heading off overseas just a day later.

“Back with a handful of rides on Saturday at Rosehill and then off to Singapore with the Singapore Airlines Cup,” he said.

While he certainly didn’t feel at his very best straight away in track work there’s no lingering pain or discomfort so we can expect the same Glyn Schofield as soon as he gets back on track.

“Body feels great, rode five or six yesterday at a gallop, body felt a bit stiff but went out this morning and rode another four or five so the body feels great,” he said.

While the collarbone is certainly a very tricky injury to deal with, he says the fact he wasn’t completely immobile has helped him to remain in decent shape during his layoff.

“I was quite fortunate it was just the collarbone so I could still exercise other parts,” he said.

The most important ride Schofield missed during his injury was that of Hay List and he was a keen viewer when he went around in the  BTC Cup last weekend.

“He’s probably the second best horse in the world, there’s only one that can beat him and that’s Black Caviar,” he said.

Glen Boss picked up that ride and Schofield said he spoke to him after the run and they shared the dejection of being beaten in such a manner.

“You come off that turn and hit top stride and at the speed you’re going you feel nothing can catch you,” he said.

“Then you see her cruise up the outside, it’s disheartening.”

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