Parkes Racecourse is a country circuit servicing a small community in the western plains of New South Wales.

It’s a circuit with grand heritage, huge pride and a sense that the roles it plays in the town remains a crucial aspect of their life.

Parkes itself is located beyond the Penrith hills, past Bathurst and is the main stop after passing through Orange.

The circuit is operated by the Parkes Jockey Club and they host eight meetings every year.

Each race day is well represented by both local and travelling trainers and culminates in two main feature races every year.

The King Merino Cup and the main event Parkes Cup attract vocal crowds every year with the Parkes Cup the a must attend local event late in January.

Parkes Racecourse itself is good sized, 2000m in total with a full length 400m straight.

This keeps the racing evenly contested although some local know-how also doesn’t go astray around the sharp bends.

There are grandstands lining the winning post as well as a fully covered betting ring and nearly 100 tie-up stalls.

Racing has operated at Parkes Racecourse since 1886 with the Parkes Cup held every year since 1887 with the exception of 1939 and 1945 due to the war.