Hay List Worsens, Rushed To Randwick Vet

Hay List

Champion sprinter Hay List has been moved to the Randwick Equine Centre after his leg injury worsened

After things once again appeared to be on the improve one of Australia’s best horses Hay List has returned to the vet where they are struggling to contain his leg infection.

Trainer John McNair and his team have had daily observation of the animal and in a matter of hours his condition had deteriorated to a point of real concern.

They’ve made the decision to move him from his base on the Central Coast to the world class Randwick Equine Centre in Sydney.

It’s now been a month since Hay List was scratched from the Doomben 10,000 just a couple of days before the event, the first time his injury was noticed.

“He went backwards overnight so I rang the vet and got him to come out and look at him,” McNair said.

“His temperature was normal, we had put a poultice on his back foot a couple of days ago and when he was sore in his yard this morning I thought it might be good because maybe something was coming out.

“I got the vet out and the nerve blocked the foot and it just got worse. We made the decision then that we were better off sending him up to the Randwick Equine Centre. They have got everything you need as far as scanning the horse is concerned.”

It’s been a drawn out saga for McNair who has been under the impression Hay List was improving on numerous occasions.

“Glyn Schofield actually came and paid him a visit on Wednesday and the horse was as good as gold,” McNair said.

“And that’s just the strange thing about it. There’s no breaks in the skin, there’s no visible injury. We assume it started with a foot abscess but even that we don’t know for sure.”

Hay List has received a massive honour with an invite to race oversees in Japan’s rich sprinting events at the end of the year.

It’s an incredible opportunity however unless things improve with his health there’s no way he’ll be racing anywhere at all.

“I just want the horse to be well again and then worry about what the future holds,” McNair said.

Were it not for Black Caviar Hay List would undoubtedly be the considered the best horse in Australia as only the great mare has stood in the way of him and as many as half a dozen Group 1 wins.

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