Warwick Racecourse is the epitome of country racing in Queensland as it embodies all that is great about horse racing in this country. The Warwick Turf Club prides itself on standing by the traditional values and historical significance of their racecourse while still remaining fresh and vibrant in the community. They say that the country race track used to be the epicentre of social life in the outback and they plan to keep it that way for many years to come.

You don’t have to look hard to see why history is so important to Warwick, their feature event Warwick Cup is older than even the Melbourne Cup! An army of volunteers works tirelessly to keep the club going and the support they receive from the community is second to none.

As has been said their main race day every year is the Warwick Cup and people travel from far and wide to be part of the day. It’s hosted in the first part of October and is one of the most popular events anywhere in rural Queensland.

It’s not just the country folk who enjoy it either, Warwick is only two hours south west of Brisbane and an increasing number of metro race fans are discovering the charm of Warwick Racecourse.