Mudgee Racecourse is one of the more unique circuits anywhere in New South Wales and over the years its developed its own special set of characteristics. Not just any horse can rock up and win at Mudgee with local trainers often proving hard to beat as their chargers are perfectly adapted to the tracks nature.

Mudgee Racecourse is run by the Mudgee Race Club who work continually to try and keep it as one of the premiere country destinations for horse racing in New South Wales.

The circuit itself is hook shaped with a run down to the turn at the bottom and then up the home straight. There are starts from the 1000m, 1100m, 1200m and the 1400m but the turn is the same for each start, only the distance leading up to it changes.

One benefit of the long back straight is that barriers aren’t quite as much of an issue as they are on some courses meaning a more even experience for punters, owners and trainers alike.

The feature event held at Mudgee Racecourse is no doubt the Mudgee Cup hosted in early December. They also have important meetings throughout October when the best local horses are always on show.

Mudgee itself is located north west of Sydney, slightly above Newcastle but not quite as inland as Dubbo.