Holland’s Fall Knocks Him For Six

The news isn’t great but it could have been a lot worse for Dean Holland who suffered back fractures after a fall at Sandown during the week.

The fractures were thankfully only minor but it’s expected to take around six weeks for Holland to be given the all clear from his doctors.

He came down hard around the final bend when aboard Count La Za for David Hayes on Wednesday afternoon.

Scans confirmed his back was indeed fractured with two separate injuries to the vertebrae in the lower part of his spine.

He still remains at Epworth Hospital where he was taken by ambulance immediately after the fall.

His mother and manager, Belinda Holland told media though that she expects him to be discharged sometime during today.

“He is stayed in hospital again overnight for pain management more than anything else,” she said.

“He’s had a bit of physio today to try and get him up walking around but he is not getting very far. He is a bit wobbly on his legs.

“He’s got a big bruise on his back and the doctor says he is going to be in a bit of pain for about 10 days.

“The fractures are at the end of the vertebrae so he won’t have to have an operation to fuse them but he may not ride again for up to six weeks.”

Stewards suspended an inquiry into the incident until Holland is able to give evidence personally, however a number of jockeys have already spoken with officials.

It is horrible timing for Holland who was in fantastic form, winning two of his three rides leading up to the fall.

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