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Horse Racing Directory Listing

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Betting Services & Tools

A major component of the thoroughbred industry is wagering and racing investment and it’s no longer a case of just professional punters  getting the best odds and incentives. Now once a week, once a month or once a year gamblers can also scorethemselves just as good a deal. You’ll find all the resources you need to place that perfect bet in our Betting Services & Tools directory.


Looking for a job as a steward? Looking for a job on course? Are you even looking for information on how to start your own career as a trainer or jockey? Find everything you need to know in our directory of equine related Employment.

Horse Breeding & Studs

All powerful horses originate from a powerful stallion and strong broodmare. If you’re looking to find your own ideal breeding couple or if you’re simply interesting in finding out how the breeding game operates you’ll locate what you need in our directory of Horse Breeding & Studs.

Horse Sales & Classifieds

If horse sales, classifieds, racing & equestrian/dressage gear is what you need, you’ll find it all in our Horse Sales & Classifieds section.

Horse Equipment & Supplies

Whether it be one of the dominant stables working out of Melbourne or a hobby farm operating in the Queensland outback, every stable regardless of size needs to be supplied with the best equipment. Technology is constantly changing and new products flooding the market, stay up to date and informed in our directory of Horse Equipment & Supplies.

Horse Health & Vets

Once you get a horse into top condition it’s vital that you don’t undo all your hard work by allowing them to become sick with a preventable illness. If your horse is unlucky enough to sustain an injury it’s imperative they get back on track as soon as possible. Finding a vet you can trust is half the battle so we’ve done the work for you in our directory of Horse Health & Vets.

Horse Racing Syndicates


Horse Spelling & Agistment

After a long and energy sapping campaign it’s best for both you and your horse to spend some time apart and re-charge the batteries. Not only will your horse come back happier and brighter than ever but you’ll get the chance to plot that perfect racing schedule. Use this directory to find the best spots for Horse Spelling & Agistment.

Horse Transport

Getting your horse to the track in a safe and comfortable manner can often be the difference between winning and losing on race day. There’s no point putting in all the hard work getting your horse fit if you’re going to mentally unsettle them just before game time. The services in this directory can help you with all kinds of Horse Transport solutions.

Media & Publications

With so much interest in horse racing around Australia and the world it naturally attracts a wide range of media attention. While the majority of what you need can be found right here on Horseracing.com.au, if we’ve missed something than this directory might help. From breaking news to tips and betting information, you’ll find it in Media & Publications.

Horse Trainers