Adrian Robinson Around 6 Weeks Off Return

Adrian Robinson continues to make steady progress after the jockey was badly injured in an accident earlier in the year.

Not only did he suffered substantial damage to his shoulder but Robinson’s face was also left in a broken and bloodied mess.

Doctor’s faced plenty of challenges with both sets of injuries but now it appears as if things are on the improve and a return to riding won’t be too far away.

His shoulder is the main issue at the moment with surgery not an option, instead he’s relying on a series of injections.

“They were going to operate but then they decided not to and they’ll just cortisone it,” he said.

“It feels ok but I’m not allowed to test it yet.”

He actually had two separate tears in his shoulder but they were too close together for surgeons to be effective.

“I had a tear a minor tear and there was another tear just below it, so they said it was going to be quite difficult  to get to it,” he said.

As for his face well that was another story altogether and surgeons had to work overtime to try and put together the pieces .

“I had a plate put in my face for the eye socket and I had eight fractures in my nose,” he said.

Amazingly Robinson says not only are things as good as new, if anything they’ve made a couple of improvements.

“When I came out of surgery the specialist even gave himself a wrap,” he said.

“It’s amazing, it looks great.”

In terms of a return to riding that’s probably still about a month and a half away but you can bet as soon as he gets that all clear he’ll be jumping on the nearest horse.

“My timeframe is that I’d rather be back tomorrow,” he said.

“I’ve been out for 10 weeks or whatever but I’m not fat, still around 58kgs which isn’t bad.”

He says having an enforced layoff with this type of injury is far more of a frustration than a holiday.

“You can only do so much, it’s not like I can go play golf or whatever,” he said.

” Things were going really good before I got hurt.”

He’s well aware of the challenges that face him when he does make a return but it’s a small price to pay to get back to work.

“The legs are going to hurt and the backs going to hurt but I just need to get back,” he said.

The break may have even given him a new take on where his career is going and it wouldn’t surprise to see Robinson pushing for a few more city rides.

“I’ve had a good talk to some owners lately and they’ve even suggested going to Rosehill once a week,” he said.

Robsinson will see a doctor about his shoulder in four weeks and assuming everything continues as planned he could be back riding track work in around six weeks.

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