Whinging Poms Can’t Cop So You Think

So You Think

So You Think is causing quite a stir in the UK

There’s nothing better than sticking it to the poms on the sporting field and it’s all the more sweet when you can do it in their own game.

It’s happened in cricket at Lord’s, it’s happened in rugby at Twickenham and So You Think’s victory during their prestigious summer racing carnival  has created one hell of a dummy spit.

It was billed as the Australian Champion versus the English champion and that’s how it turned out in the Eclipse Stakes, So You Think proving to be just too good even after Workforce enjoyed the perfect run.

No sooner had the Aussie claimed victory though before English racing fans leapt onto the internet to belittle his performance and try to defend their domestic racing scene.

A current poll on the website of leading UK thoroughbred newspaper the ‘Racing Post’ shows more than half of the locals still rate Workforce as the better horse if they were to race again across 2400m.

If it was the same story here in Australia it could be a similar result, but the way the English are tearing down their own horse as well is quite spectacular.

One forum member on the Racing Post’s website was scathing of both Workforce and So You Think.

“Everyone knows that So You Think is a good horse but let’s be honest, he raced against probably the worst Derby/Arc winner I’ve ever seen, and just beat him over his optimum distance. He’s not the wonder horse everyone proclaimed,” they said.

It was a sentiment shared by others.

“So You Think wins a ‘match’ race and Channel 4 and the majority of the British press are making out this was the greatest race ever and So You Think is the new Pegasus!,” they said.

In a real show of straw clutching one user even claimed ownership of So You Think for Ireland on the basis of his pedigree.

“Just look at the last three winners of the Cox Plate, which I have never heard of before, and all the winners were sired by Irish sires. Anything that has come out of OZ is of Irish descent!” They said.

So You Think has now won three of four starts since switching to Aidan O’Brien and he’s proved himself as a main contender for both the King George Stakes and the Queen Elizabeth Stakes.

Both of those events are across a 2400m trip though so the extra 400m from the Eclipse Stakes is probably a fair concern.

“So You Think has proved he is a good horse by beating Workforce, (but) he hasn’t proved that he is a great horse with that performance. I couldn’t back him if he went to the King George or the Arc,” a user said.

Despite the ignorance is bliss approach being used by plenty of the Brits though there were a few willing to see the light and acknowledge just how good the Aussie is.

“So You Think (is a) real champ,” they said. “Would like to see him against Canford Cliffs and Frankel. I think he would thrash both of them – terrific acceleration.”

The best though has to be saved for last, this comment showing the domination all Australians want to see.

“British racing is doomed and everyone is turning a blind eye to it,” they said.

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