Rosehill Dead At Best For 2011 Golden Slipper

Overnight rain has crippled the improvement of the Rosehill Gardens surface making a planned Good rating virtually impossible for the 2011 Golden Slipper.

The track had been downgraded after the grass absorbed 4mm of rain in a relatively short period.

Lindsay Murphy said the track is now a dead 5 after Rosehill avoided the main Sydney storm but still copped rain from Wednesday afternoon right through to Thursday morning.

“It rained up until about 6am this morning and its overcast now,” he said.

“It’s more of a nuisance than anything else, but it’s definitely put the track back.

“I’d think the best case scenario is that we’re in the dead range come Saturday because this weather is not conducive to drying.”

He said a dead 5 is probably where the track will stay up until the opening race of Golden Slipper Day but if Sydney’s unpredictable weather dishes up some sunshine it could improve fast enough to be a dead 4.

This is unlikely though with more showers predicted by the Bureau of Meteorology for Sydney throughout Thursday and Saturday.

Trainers will be monitoring the Golden Slipper lead up races very closely with the degradation of the track to have a major influence on the horses lining up in the main event.

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