Maxwelton Races Face Closure Due To Lack Of Funds

A dedicated group of locals are attempting to prevent the closure of the Maxwelton Races in country Queensland.

Maxwelton is a small town with a population of just four people, however, the annual race day sees people flock to the course from all over the surrounding regions.

The track is now facing the very real threat of closure after Racing Queensland ordered the installation of a running rail to the entire course.

Maxwelton Races president Bill Needham says that the club cannot afford the new mandatory railing and insists that the track is safe enough as it is.

“Instead of having a running rail on the outside we’ve got a big open area out here and if you’re on a mad horse the last thing you want is to run into a running rail,” Mr Needham said.

“We think it’s just as safe for a horse to go bush and sort it out.”

The need for a complete running rail would see the 61 year long Maxwell Races come to an end.

“We were under a bit of a pressure last year with Queensland Racing due to workplace health and safety things… and a lot of things they’re trying to bring in and we just can’t afford it,” Mr Needham said.

“We’re just going to do as much as we can to work through it and hopefully make them see sense to find a solution where we can keep racing and everyone is safe and happy.”

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