Jake Noonan Improving From Severe Concussion

Jake Noonan is making steady progress after a nasty race fall left him in a bad way over the weekend.

He’s checked out of the main ward of his initial hospital but will remain in a smaller unit under observation for a little while yet.

His father Tony Noonan says while the injury was serious, he is very lucky to be improving at such a  rapid rate.

“He’s been moved into a rehab centre, his improvements have been good especially in the last 48 hours,” he said.

“He had a severe knock to the brain but he’s very much been buoyed by the amount of cards and messages that he’s got from everyone.”

It looks like there will be no long term damage to Noonan which is remarkable given the velocity of impact when he hit the ground.

“He’s had a brain injury and that will take a little bit of time for him to come back from but he’s got no breaks, he’s got no spine damage and he’s got no brain damage,” Tony Noonan said.

“He’s just got to go through the process and make sure that everything is good for him before they let him out of hospital.”

There’s no word yet on when Jake is expected back in the saddle but it’s highly unlikely he’ll be travelling north for the Brisbane carnival.

It’s a big loss too with Noonan training a solid chance in Varenna Miss.

“She hasn’t had a run for close on two months now, been up there for a fortnight and has settled in well,” he said.

” She’s come back nice and got up there in good order and trialled well.”

Varenna Miss will run in a two-metro-wins special conditions race at Doomben this Saturday which will determine her future plans.

“If she performs we’ll send her to the Dane Ripper and then probably the Winter Stakes,” he said.

There other main Brisbane hopeful Ortensia will not be making the trip north.

She’s already in the spelling paddock and may not even race again in the spring.

“There will be a decision made on her shortly whether she has another preparation or goes to stud duties,” he said.

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