Fosters Extends Darwin Cup Carnival Sponsorship

Darwin Turf Club (DTC) chief executive Phillip Neck has confirmed that Fosters Australia has pledged its sponsorship to the Darwin Cup Carnival for another five years.

Mr Neck was incredibly grateful to Fosters for their continued support of the popular carnival.

“To Lincoln Jenkin and his team (at Foster’s), thank you for your support,” Mr Neck said.

“It’s also an apt opportunity to announce that this relationship between Foster’s and the Darwin Cup Carnival is further solidified with the announcement of a new, five-year sponsorship agreement.”

The much needed sponsorship has allowed the DTC to announce an increase in prize money for the next financial year.

The annual Darwin Cup will be increased from $160,000 to $175,000 and the NT Derby will be injected with an extra $10,000 to bring its total prize pool to $120,000.

“Overall stakes in the Northern Territory will rise by 9 per cent to $6,249,780 – up over a half a million dollars in the almost completed 2010/11 year,” Mr Neck said.

“Another major stake increase is next year’s St Patrick’s Cup, which will be boosted from $25,000 in 2010 to $32,500 next year.”

In addition to an increase in stakes, jockey fees will rise from $200 to $220 while the unplaced owner’s subsidy would elevate from $400 to $420.

Furthermore, the DTC will enjoy an upgraded member’s clubhouse, as well as better race day telecasts.

“The Darwin Turf Club has just agreed upon an upgrade of the Members Clubhouse which will see 14 new televisions going into the area plus a new fit out incorporating new carpets, decor and lighting,” Mr Neck said.

“This year will also see the (Darwin Cup) Carnival showcased to a vast audience throughout broadcast carriers Sky Channel.

“Once again our pictures will be seen not only right around the country, but in parts of New Zealand, Asia and into the US.

“We look forward to consolidating on these opportunities and can only hope that this will lead to further exposure on a regular basis to these very regions.”

The month-long Darwin Cup Carnival will begin on July 2 and will offer more than $1.7 million in prize money.

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