“Dead” Tracks On Death Row

It’s an aspect of horse racing that’s been around for generations and something that the average punter would never have even though twice about.

The word ‘Dead’ being used to describe a track in between a Slow 6 and a Good 3.

Never before has there been a public outcry about the word being offensive or distasteful, but that hasn’t stopped Racing Victoria strongly considering a change to the word to something more cheery.

Chief steward of Racing Victoria Terry Bailey is the man driving the push for a reconsideration of the basic horse racing vocabulary.

“It was raised at the national chairman of stewards conference, the idea came from the racing minister who indicated that it may be time we looked for something slightly more cosmetic,” he said.

“It was agreed at the conference that it was up to me to go and survey or counterparts around the world.”

There are reportedly a number of options being considered however many people are questioning the priority given to a task most deem a non-issue.

Still as time goes on it seems more likely we’ll see a shift to fair, soft, even or yielding.

“Yielding is a popular one used overseas, if there could be an agreement on one it will be voted on at the next meeting,” he said.

Despite being ridiculed by some sectors as a waste of time and political correctness gone mad, Bailey has defending the process saying things like this should always be re-examined.

“I suppose we are in a changing world, I think it’s worth a look at anyway,” he said.

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