Conners Makes Play For Queensland Jockey

Clarry Conners

Trainer Clarry Conners

Trainer Clarry Conners will begin to tempt Queensland jockey Ric McMahon to join his Sydney stable when he books him for three rides at Warwick Farm tomorrow.

The young jockey won his only ride when he made the trip south for the Canterbury races a fortnight ago.

The feat impressed the successful Conners’ stable.

“I’ve watched him ride over the years, he rode a winner at Canterbury a couple of weeks ago and I watched him again in Brisbane last week,” Conners said.

“He can ride the weight and I’m sick and tired of ringing 18 riders trying to get a jockey each time.

“I think he rides well so I’ve got him down to ride on Wednesday.”

Conners is hopeful that McMahon will be interested in a permanent move to Sydney to become one of the trainer’s regular riders.

“You try and get the best riders and the big stables have got them,” Conners said.

“I’d like to get someone used to riding the horses, to get to know them and that can stay with them.

“As it is I’m constantly swapping and changing.”

Conners believes that Gai Waterhouse and Peter Snowden have the monopoly on the Sydney jockeys.

“It’s only two of the main stables that can hang on to riders,” he said.

“Only Gai and Darley can get the same riders when they want them.

“I can get Nash (Rawiller) one day and he wins on a horse but then I can’t get him for its next four starts.”

The trainer said that he has more than made it clear to McMahon that he wants him to ride for his stable.

“I just put it to him that I’m going to try to entice him here,” Conners said.

“We’ll have a talk when he comes down.”

The 23-year-old Queenslander appeared to be open to a move, as long as it was worth his while.

“If I got offered a good opportunity down there I probably wouldn’t hesitate to jump at it,” McMahon said.

“I wouldn’t want to go down for a half-hearted thing, I’d want to have a full go at it.

“I’d need a pretty good offer, I guess.”

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