China To Introduce Horse Racing From September

China will stage live horse racing in the city of Wuhan from September 3 this year.

Wuhan, which refers to the province that includes the three cities of Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang, is the largest city in Central China.

Four to six races will be held during each race meeting, which will occur on a weekly basis.

The Chinese Equestrian Association will have the role of approving and managing the feature open races.

Spectators will be lured to the track with promotions such as quizzes, with prizes in the form of Horse Fan Cards that represent winning points being distributed.

Betting will begin to concur with international standards gradually.

China is further introducing horse racing to the country by adding a management training class on the subject to the Wuhan Commercial Services College.

They will also hold the second HORFA-China International Horse Fair in Shanghai in October.

The fair is expected to attract around 60 exhibitors from over 20 countries who will provide information and advice on breeding techniques, saddlery, horse feeds, horse transport and veterinary products and services.

Last year’s fair drew exhibitors from countries such as Holland, France, Argentina and the United States.

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