Aussie / Kiwi Partnership Secure Until 2015

The bond of trans-Tasman relations is strong throughout a lot of sectors and the racing industry is no exception.

The strength of this bond has now been secured until 2015 with The New Zealand Racing Board and Tabcorp extending their partnership which allows for co-mingling of betting pools for punters in both countries.

This co-mingling of markets lets Australians bet on New Zealand racing unrestricted, allowing investments to be made as if they were based in the country themselves and vice versa.

This has strengthened the wagering conditions across both sides of the ditch and has given punters much stronger dividends and subsequent payouts.

“Tabcorp is pleased to have extended its agreement with the New Zealand Racing Board. Both parties have worked hard to make this alliance work and the results have been measurable and significant,” Tabcorp’s Managing Director of Wagering, David Attenborough said.

Sky Racing, which is owned by Tabcorp, has elevated New Zealand racing to a whole new level with race broadcasts into the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden and France.

This agreement ensures the growing international expansion of New Zealand racing continues with Tabcorp as the broadcast agent.

“Expanding international pooling and driving the export of Australian and New Zealand racing through Sky continues to be a key strategic priority of Tabcorp.” Attenborough said.

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